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Celebration by Rupa Vira has been featured as one of Best Restaurants in Northern Virginia Magazine‘s  ‘Best Restaurants’ edition. Alice Levitt reviews 30 Best Restaurants in Northern Virginia to dine at.

Alice Levitt writes, “Rupa Vira may be self-taught, but you’d never guess it when you see her elegant, gold-decorated creations. And when you taste her spice-laden oeuvre? There’s no question this woman is a chef to be reckoned with.”

“Creativity, a bright color palette and bold flavors run wild across artistic plates at this new restaurant. Vira takes Indian classics and re-creates them after a trip through her creative mind. Street foods like dahi puri are reborn courtesy of modernist methods with tricks like blueberry pearls in place of chopped veggies. Yes, Vira’s dishes look great, but they taste even better.”


See this: Colorful Indian art decorated the purple and lavender main dining room. By the bar, tones are bright shades of green instead.

Eat this: Seashell Scallop, dum ki sunehri nalli, rasbhari ka ghosla

When to visit: You’re craving Indian flavors and want to get a bit dressed up.

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